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How to Live Like a Creative

Awesome One Pager filled with excellent illustrations taking a fun look at the life of a cliché “creative”. The long scrolling Singe Page website features a colorful background gradient that changes while you scroll (also the reason why we cut the long screenshot short as it’s difficult to capture). Really like how they offer the whole lot of content in the site as a downloadable hi-res infographic. Would love to see more of that in One Pagers. Also final shout out to this smart bit of content marketing in a One Pager by Format website builder. Good work!

Seeking to further our understanding of what it means to lead a creative life, we surveyed over 2000 members of the talented Format community at the end of 2015.

“How do today's photographers, designers, illustrators, artists, filmmakers and other creative pros spend their time?” we mused. “Where do they reside? How do they work—and more importantly—play? What are their differences and similarities?”

Shattering the disorganized, sleep-all-day, drink-all-night "starving artist" stereotype, our results depict a group of confident, business-minded, active individuals that are passionate about their crafts. United beyond a penchant for spectacles and motorcycle jackets, they’re driven by the need to express themselves and maintain a sense of achievement.

Here, we’ve teamed up with illustrator Sam Island to visualize their daily habits, hour by hour. Consider it a step-by-step guide to achieving a modern creative life. Follow the timeline, peruse the data and let us know: how does your day match up?
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