Landing Page Design Tips
Landing Page Design Tips 🖌
These 10 tips form the most common feedback I give users wanting to improve their Landing Page design.

In August Company

Arty One Pager with hover-sensitive background drawings for product designers, In August Company. Cheers Teodorik for the insight behind the font hunt:)

The main issue is not that much a website related but I think it is an interesting story. After weeks we finally decided what typeface we would like to use. We’ve bookmarked a few typefaces some time ago and when we came back to the type foundry website we got 404 page. The typeface was gone! We were digging deep into their social networks and saw posts about it but there was no release at all. We finally found a designer who made it and we wrote him an e-mail what happened and that we would like to buy it. The foundry has to do some edits and they are gonna release it in a month or so, the designer said. After a month Jan Weidemüller, the designer, wrote that the typeface won’t be released at all but he made another one (very similar). We loved the Para Grand typeface even more and we finally got our beloved typeface!
Rob Hope

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