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  • Reviewed: November 10, 2013 by Rob Hope
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Jens Lehmann

The official website for ex-football player turned speaker Jens Lehmann, is a magnificent One Pager. The site offers slick keyboard browsing to navigate around the minimalistic and spacious design. The quality images of Jens just shows the investment in this project as you can see they were taken exclusively for the website. Make sure you read the full case study by developers Ming Labs over here.

Jens Lehmann is well known as the former goalkeeper of the German national football team. However, most people are not familiar with the details of his more than 20 years long career. In addition to that, his other activities in the areas of charity or coaching for example are even less well known. The challenge was to create a website that clearly communicates those different aspects to different audiences.

MING Labs came up with the idea to implement a concept called »The Five Faces of Jens Lehmann« to visualize the different personas of Jens with all his expertise and diverse experience. This core idea was realized by creating iconic persona pictures of Jens, which were also used as navigation elements. Overall, the page is designed to support the presentation of an entertaining mix of photography and stories from his career told with his words.

The combination of a simple, Flat Design language with vivid full page photographs creates the special look & feel of the Jens Lehmann website. The responsive design ensures the ideal appearance on desktop and mobile devices alike.

As neither the pace of change in technology nor the events in Jens life slow down, a content management system that allows for quick updates, an integration of social media feeds, and a responsive web design that adapts to the screen sizes of new devices were called for.
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