Jessica denHeyer

One Pager with a minimal chapter concept for Art Director and designer, Jessica denHeyer. Thank you for such in-depth build notes, always great to get context to design decisions.

I decided I wanted to refresh my personal portfolio website. My previous design was pretty brash, over complicated and difficult to update. Too much movement and childlike qualities to the visuals gave off the wrong impression.

I started by giving myself a written brief: to spend no more than 24 hours on the complete process (wire frame, design, copy, build, testing). Despite a history with Flash ActionScript, (I'm no coder!) I opted to use Adobe Muse which has it's restrictions. (You really need to explore and experiment with the software to see what is possible). But knew this would be the best way to create my website in such strict timings.

A 24 hour time limit was a real challenge, but allowed me to focus on a minimal design combined with a forward thinking build that can easily be updated over the coming months. External links in my previous website often expired without me realising, and this gives off an incredibly unprofessional vibe when users keep stumbling on to dead links. So I opted for a 'REQUEST WORK' button over a live showcase as a temporary solution, giving myself an opportunity to add in some overlay visuals to the client list at a later stage.

Time constraints meant I didn't have so much time to rebrand or include photography backgrounds, so I explored a bunch of options for minimal text animations, and played around with animated rollovers to achieve movement. I've also built with this in mind, so photo backgrounds can be easily added in at a later stage.

The most challenging aspect was ensuring the website worked responsively. I tested across all mobile and tablet devices which took up a vast amount of time but I'm happy with the results.
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