Landing Page Design Tips
Landing Page Design Tips ๐Ÿ–Œ
These 10 tips form the most common feedback I give users wanting to improve their Landing Page design.

Kevin Dunbar

Slick load transition in this One Pager for designer Kevin Dunbar featuring a portfolio section that links out to his Dribbble.

I have a brief knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS, but not enough to build the site that I wanted if I where to hand code it. I heard great things about Webflow so decided to give it a shot. Overall I really enjoyed using the platform. Not only is it easy to use and intuitive, but it also furthers your CSS knowledge as it kind of teaches you while you build.

A couple issues I ran into where, trying to get the loading time down, hence the poorly deep etched picture. I tried to keep this file size as low as I could in hopes that it would speed up the load time. Turns out the issue was caused by a mistake on my end. As I used autoplaying WEBM/MP4 Videos rather then GIFS to display the featured work, I needed to use a CDN. The code I used to import the hosted videos was causing a delay in the load speed. After a week of troubleshooting I managed to figure out what was wrong. (As a designer I had no real idea what I was doing, kind of shooting in the dark)
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Rob Hope

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