Unique vertical (left) navigation and big scrolling typography in this One Pager for event advisors, Lit Up. Cheers for the good build notes!

At first I realized the logo and the graphic chart allowing to have a new graphic base for all new media (business card, brochure, poster ...). Then I suggested to Lit Up to make a video of presentation (to realize by the studio teaser media) for the website but also to stage their different type of profession.

Once validated, I worked with a developer (Maxime Bรฉrard) and together we thought about the most interesting and functional approach to the realization of this site, the most rewarding tool for this company. We headed to a One Pager because one of their wish was to be important, simple and quickly hook the future customer (the user) with a quick contact sometime the support (phone, tablet, desktop) The developer to make a custom site from scratch (GSAP, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5).
Categories Portfolio
Typefaces Futura
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