Love Fila

Vibrant One Pager showcasing the exclusive Fila clothing collection designed by French tennis legend, Marion Bartoli. If you hold your spacebar down for a few seconds, your screen pretty much explodes into a dazzling fashion show of the products. The interactive product accordion is really slick and loads up the relevant product image in the browser background. Also worth noting the blurred background image effect when you load up the accordion – lovely touch.

LOVE FILA is a unique, mobile-friendly, responsive website introducing the exclusive Fila clothing collection designed by Marion Bartoli, French former professional tennis player.

A playful call-to-action takes the user into a super-energized video showcasing the bold, colorful clothing collection along with splashy animated graphics and vibrant transitions. On mobile, the video is built in SVG to ensure a robust, smooth visual experience.

The menu section unveils all the products, featuring a smooth panning interaction over the full-bleed background imagery.
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