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  • Reviewed: December 2, 2013
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M-Way Apps

Responsive one pager with a few loading elements as you scroll down for M-Way Apps. Cheers for the detailed build notes below...
M-Way Solutions conceives, designs and develops cross-platform mobile applications for enterprises showcasing this approach in this responsive and animated onepager. The website shows through nicely animated illustrations and a comprehensive app download/exploration section the current project portfolio as well as information about the aspects of corporate mobile apps. Next to this the site documents the company owned open source HTML5/JavaScript framework The-M-Project and some use case in the field of m-commerce. A nice page flow through smooth scrolling and overall animated and retina optimized illustrations and images, thoughtful copy writing should increase overall understanding of the subject and improve the user experience. Difficulties while developing the site: Triggering the CSS3 animations for the first block with JavaScript – in case the browser does not support CSS3 transitions or it has JS deactivated so that the images still load with no animations. The rest of the animations are triggered within a div which acts like a flag: when the flag enters the viewport the animation happens, when the flag leaves the viewport there is a fade out animation and the element hides.
Categories: Portfolio
Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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