Marvin Kutscha

Minimal One Pager for Marvin Kutscha, a Designer and Art Director based in Hamburg. The long Singe Page website features a simple list of projects, each with a short description and exiting video. Nice reference to a unique minimal way to switch between languages without reloading the page. Cheers for the detailed build notes Marvin!

My goal was to build a portfolio website, that is as clean, simple and functional as it can be.
Content: As a Motiondesigner I only have videos and descriptions in my portfolio to show. Everything else is unimportant.

Orientation: Because I donโ€™t want to waste the time of my visitors figuring out where to click next I arranged my best projects on top of each other in a good size to watch and started with the newest or most relevant on top.

Fast: My visitors can decide between their languages clicking on the top right corner. Itโ€™s a checkbox label which hides the german text and shows the english one. I also added a modal-element for the legal-stuff. Both works with pure css.

About: Because most of my clients donโ€™t really care about awards or where I have worked before, I decided to minimize the whole about-section to a short introduction at the top of my page that contains an email-link to get in touch.

Animation: I wanted the logo to appear in the middle while the page is loading. When the page has loaded it moves in the top left corner.

Lightweight (only 43KB): Another goal was to reduce the weight. Thanks to the layout I donโ€™t need any assets like thumbnail-images in different sizes.

Hope you like the idea. THANKS for Reading.
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