Meet The Pros 2013

Meet the Pros is a two day event for students to learns the in’s and out’s of the advertising industry. Some super cool effects in the old-school items as you scroll. A fun and colorful One Pager, you can see a lot of effort was put in here!

Meet the Pros is a two-day interactive experience designed to give students insight into the world of advertising, from finding a job to the latest industry trends.

This responsive site uses an on-scroll parallax effect, creating playful, yet functional interactions between the original photography and the user. For instance, the "Schedule" page features a clock that changes time when the user scrolls to match the information to the left of it. The overall idea behind the aesthetics of this site was to create a connection between the targeted demographic (graphic designers, copywriters, account executives, and students studying to become them) and the first tools their predecessors had once used. A sort of "Old-School" play on copy and photography to tie it all together.

Some of the type on this site was created using a vintage label-maker. The dynamic text resembles a typewriter font. Even the colors fields and over-saturation of the photography props harken back to the days when advertising and design began.
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