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A short tale on how the Yo! Podcast came about and what to expect from the upcoming show.

Michael Uloth

One Page portfolio for web designer/developer and Opera signer, Michael Uloth. Neat touch changing the intro link text from “read more or see my work below” to just “see my work below” if you link is clicked. Cheers for the excellent build notes about choosing One Pagers over multi-page ๐Ÿ™

As an opera singer and a web designer/developer, I wanted to find a way to present these two portfolios in a way that made sense. After trying a multi-page approach for a few years (landing page + opera page + web design page + contact page), I challenged myself to slim it all down and see how minimal I could go. A simple combination of project titles, category tags, and an โ€œopera vs. websitesโ€ filter helped me condense my work into a Single Page and give visitors the choice between skimming or drilling down into the details. One Page sites for the win!
Rob Hope

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