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Date featured: January 31, 2013
Template? No, this is a unique design
Built by: Unknown
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Unique One Page Website Review

Mohsen Samiee

I thought there wasn't enough emphasis on the portfolio, but a very unique aerial view one pager.
This is my personal website. I located all communicate ways with me and also all my works that I have done till now in this website. From technical point I have used HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery for designing and in terms of graphic I have used some different ideas. As can be seen there is a desk with all stuffs that we all use typically and set on a desk, indeed this is the main idea of this website which make it completely different in comparison with other websites in terms of designing. There are various items (including picture frame, flower pot, cell phone, notebook, pen …) on the desk that cause the users feel comfortable. In this web site there is no conventional pattern; that is, all the essential items including menus, buttons, links and etc are broken the former rules. The most interesting and different idea is using a cell phone exactly like a real cell phone to send a message to the admin. And also the user can move the items on the desk as he/she likes. Overall, in designing I have applied all the convenient and familiar points to attract the user and to make the website especial.
Categories: Portfolio
  • Rob Hope

    I thought there wasn’t enough emphasis on the portfolio, but a very unique aerial view one pager.

  • Boeddo

    Buggy on iPhone

    • Rob Hope

      Thanks for feedback!

    • Guest

      Hi dear Boeddo,
      Thanks for feedback, what is the problem in opening the iPhone?

  • Jake Walsh

    He’s running Windows 8 on a Mac? What a rebel!

    • Guest

      Hi dear Jake,
      You can click on screen and switch to Mac OS.
      Now is the default on Mac OS.
      Thanks for your comment.