Pascal van Gemert

Resume style One Pager for web dev Pascal van Gemert featuring a big animated GIF background as the intro. If I remember correctly he had a highway last week and a hotdog stand the week before. Nice touch to spice up a CV.

This is my portfolio website as an interactive resume. The first thing you'll see is the big partial animated gif (cinemagraph). Scroll down to see the CV like information. You'll find default profile information, experiences, abilities (like skills, languages and tools), interests and contact information. The fixed menu is on the right side of the page, with the purpose to make scroll the first way of navigation. The webpage is build on a custom-made PHP framework, with a responsive bootstrap 3 theme.
Mubs and I rap about football, MVPs and side-projects.
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PH Maker of the Year Mubs is the latest Yo! Podcast guest.