Pratham Books Annual Report 2019

Wonderful Annual Report One Pager celebrating 15 years at Pratham Books. The Single Page site features tons personality, colorful illustrations and nice touch styling the actual annual reports. Cheers for the build notes!

After last year's Annual Report, Pratham Book's wanted to celebrate the joy of reading by celebrating their brand's 15 years of completion. The aim was to build an inclusive imaginary world where books, animals and kids could partake in this joy. Each section of the annual report inspired its' visuals - Language became parrots singing in different languages, digitization was depicted through birds and children exchanged books on devices and read a larger than life tablet. Staying true to Pratham Book's brand identity, inclusiveness was a common theme throughout the website - different children from different cultural backgrounds; animals local to India and bright colors were used to make it a website which children and adults could both enjoy.
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