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Projekcje – The Graphic Design Battles

Gorgeous load transitions and subtle parallax effects in this colorful One Pager promoting the ‘Graphic Design Battle’ held at the Projekcje conference. The Singe Page website features an excellent responsive layout that fills a big screen so well. Other highlights include a lovely typography blend, clean flat design elements and great to see that extra effort with a slick application form styled inline with the site design. (If you’re wondering why we are allowing this site in with a big navigation to other pages is that it is hosted on a subdomain and simply links back to the main event site. This One Pager acts as the Landing Page for the competition at the event – we wouldn’t allow it if it wasn’t on a subdomain.)

Projections is an event organised by designers for other designers. It's main goal is not only to bring the members of graphic designer's community together, but also to inspire them to be creative. We wish to allow new solutions to be produced and developed, to generate new ideas and encourage designers to search for new forms of expression.
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