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Remember Le Mans 1955

One Pager revisiting the worst crash in motorsport history at the Le Mans in 1955. The One Pager lacks finesse but compensates with a very comprehensive recap of the event. This Singe Page tribute to the lives lost was created by 3 students participating in communication design at the HTW Berlin, Germany. They have told us the website was created entirely within one week.

This year the worst tragedy in motorsports, the big crash of Le Mans from 1955 is having its 60 year anniversary. 
 To honour the lives lost we created a digital storytelling website about the events surrounding the disaster, where sportscar racing was then and is now, and the safety features that effected not only Le Mans but all other forms of motorsport.

As this was a major event that received an abnormal for its time amount of video and photographic recording, there are many images and videos of the accident itself. We therefore created a interactive information graphic to grasp the disaster. The accident claimed unofficially 89 lives with some estimates rise to over 110. Read more about the project on Behance.

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Venus, Christian Ernst, Franz Mattuschka
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