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  • Built by: Henry Kuo
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  • Reviewed: August 15, 2017 by Rob Hope
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Interactive One Pager allowing you to easily create a clear scoreboard online. The execution is solid with neat options to edit user names, add up to 12 players, undo last score and even change the scoreboard design (preview) via the left scheme menu. Cheers for the build notes Henry – lovely to hear how the idea kicked off with your son!

The site was born out of the silly competitions my son and I randomly devise, and I needed a scoreboard I could quickly fire up to track our score, whether at home on a large monitor or at the park on my phone.

Heavy emphasis was put on the ease and speed of launching the site, adding player names, and updating the score. Up to 12 players can be added and you can choose from 10 themes from a hardwood basketball court to a grungy dive bar chalkboard.

Facilitating the ease of use continues with a lot of attention paid to keyboard shortcuts and simply bookmarking the page to save the current state of players. No need for account logins or cookies. Everything saved with url hashes. My son loves picking different themes and we use it for every game and challenge we go to battle with.
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Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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