Long-scrolling Landing Page for Shinbyeong – an upcoming novel by Rou Hun. Neat touch with the neon glow effects, the unscrambling text as you scroll and the neat off-canvas pre-order area where you can add reward tiers upon checkout. Cheers for such excellent build notes Rou!

Building the page took me around a week or 3, including design. I built the site with a personal static template and Codekit as building tool. With a bit of art direction help from a friend, I quickly created a simple design. Far from the actual result, because I love to prototype my designs fast in the browser. Especially with all the blending techniques, I wasn't entirely sure what results I would get, so I had to experiment a bit with that.

I used ScrollOut by Chris Wallis for the parallax effects, which was so easy using CSS variables. GSAP text scrambling plugin for the text effects. Mailchimp for the mailing list and Stripe as a payments processor and PHP on the server. Stripe offered all the code I needed and the same friend helped me with some PHP queries. The rest of the code was vanilla javascript es6 and SCSS for styling.

The most challenging part of developing the site was mainly testing the cart. Making sure the payments would come correctly, I made a lot of tiny mistakes which can wreck the whole site. It was my first time coding it in PHP, so my friend's help was really appreciated. Apart from building, I'm quite new to marketing and PR. Writing an email funnel, writing tweet threads such as how North Korea can fund nuclear weapons while its people are starving to death? took way more time than actually building the site.
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