Spotify Year in Music 2015

Music streaming service Spotify showcase their 2015 year in a colorful, interactive One Pager based on user stats. Make sure you use the navigation and arrows for a better user experience vs scrolling.

With an audience in the millions, Spotify's annual Year In Music campaign has quickly become one of the definitive and most popular Year in Review roundups of any subscriber service anywhere. We worked alongside Spotify to concept, write, design and build this year's YiM campaign, as well as concept and produce the supporting media, including digital display advertising, OOH advertising, and :15/:30 spots that will air online and in cinemas starting in mid-December.

At the centre of the campaign is a site which allows Spotify users to generate customized insights about their music listening habits for the year. The site, which is exclusively a WebGL experience, also includes a wide variety of carefully curated cultural and musical stories from the year, which are custom selected and served to each user based on their specific musical preferences and location. Users can also share a variety of dynamically generated cards that summarize different aspects of their listening data for the year.

Year in Music uses custom shaders to generate gradients and duotone effects on top of all the content loaded from Spotify's API. The entire color treatment of the site is done dynamically on the fly on a userโ€™s machine/browser. Our design team used a static asset git repository for icons and specific curated imagery and created an asset delivery system so they could modify assets on the fly without having to re-deploy.

Year in Music is available in 35 languages across 57 countries. Copy updates and translations are managed entirely through a custom CMS created for the project. With the help of Colossal Media, we also rendered local data insights as OOH murals at select locations in New York and Los Angeles.
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