One Pager for ‘studio.zeldman’, led by web standard advocate and A Book Apart co-founder, Jeffrey Zeldman. Excellent adaption of the “tilted” intro letter to mobile. Make sure you read the very detailed launch blog post with tons of insight into the design choices of the Singe Page site. Definitely a studio to look out for!

Heading in this direction meant leaving the studio I founded in 1999 (weโ€™re on the best of terms, and itโ€™s an excellent company in great hands). My rise to an almost purely strategic position there taught me a lot about my businessโ€”but it also kept me from designing new projects. And Iโ€™ve been itching to get back to my roots. Three factors shaped my design for the new studioโ€™s website:

1 - I wanted to try something different: something that was conceptual and art directional. Jen Simmonsโ€™s An Event Apart presentations (like this one from last year) inspired me to break out of the columnar rut of current design and create something that didnโ€™t look like it came pre-baked in a framework.

2 - Because I am contrary, I thought it might be fun to allude to an outdated design approach (like, say, skeuomorphism) in a responsive web layoutโ€”if the content supported such a gambit.

3 - Most of all, my design had to come out of content.

Read the full build notes in the launch blog post.
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