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The Fernway

Responsive launching soon page for new travel/adventure/accommodation startup ‘The Fernway’. Lovely touch with the ripple effect in header image and also the animated SVG contours as you scroll down. It’s a pity the site feels so “cut off” on bigger screens but they’ve done a great job on everything else. Thank you for such a great overview on what to look out for on the site.

This site is intended to act as a teaser site... getting out early, while we're still shaping the final product. That product's going to be an amazing travel journal and booking service, so we wanted to get people excited and set the tone for what's to come. Some highlights...

The cinemagraph 'ripple' in the header image is getting a lot of love :)
As you scroll down the contours of the map fill, via animated SVGs.
The source of the brand name (the german word "Fernweh") is revealed on hover
'Hidden' brand values are discoverable on the ma.p
We're especially proud of the Slick validation on the email forms.
The main message (pullquote) is called out and Tweetable.
That same message sites behind a blended Video reel, adding range to the
destinations we'll be going to.
Off-canvas footer to hide the more 'generic information'.
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