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The Impero Festive Meter

‘The Impero Festive Meter’ keeps track of photos taken with their yellow festive scarf, each one submitted adds £10 to their charity meter. The One Pager contained a measurement slider that is pulled off really well.

Hello! Here at Impero, we love a good Christmas campaign. Last year we sent our clients highly tasteful, yellow sweaters to show we cared and help Save the Children. This year we've stepped it up a notch. We're going to great lengths for charity. Soon to arrive on the desks of our lovely clients... a long, wooly, yellow, festive scarf. It's Good Looking and Clever... like us!

Welcome to the Impero Festive Meter. Instead of sending our clients presents they hate, begging to be thrown in the trash with all the other festive gumpf, we wanted to make a difference (and give them something they could wear with 'pride'). We're warming necks in Europe and USA and giving our Australian clients a little reminder of beautiful chilly London.

Each meter of festive fabric photographed and submitted to us rings a bell in the office, adding £10 to our charity meter. OK, there's no bell, but we'll be watching. All proceeds will go to UNICEF, to help bring a little warmth to children across the world this winter. Have a merry Christmas!
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