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The Name App

Great little app to find out what potential names for your idea are taken on social networks and popular TLDs (top-level domains). The minimal uncluttered site uses AJAX to retrieve the search results keeping it all in One Page. Thanks for the detailed notes on the build, good job.

Coming up with a name for an idea, product, or brand is hard. Once found, there is nothing worse than to find that name is taken on a domain or social media platform. After you get burned a few time you learn to check to make sure names are available before settling on them. However, the process of searching the domain site and then going to the major social websites is rather cumbersome. So I built this app to simplify that search process. I kept the design minimal so that the focus would solely lie on finding what you need. One of the harder points in the app was speed. I am searching a domain api and 5 different social media networks, cutting down speed was a bit of a challenge. Apart from that the rest was straight forward because of the simple approach I took. When making something, I found that it's important to define a simple objective and focus on completing that one objective the best you can. From there you can continue building on top of that.
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