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The Sales Experiment

Responsive One Pager promoting a B2B consulting service called ‘The Sales Experiment’ headed by industry veteran, Saul Annett. The Landing Page is pretty straight-forward but features a few awesome illustrations that really help bring the One Pager to life.

The Sales Experiment is a start-up with a difference. Its founder Saul Annett's aim is to create a business development agency that will help B2B digital start-ups get their products to market fast. With 15 years worth of experience in this field, Saul wanted to offer a fresh take on the business development sector by utilizing modern and compelling methodologies from the average sales agency. For the website Saul was keen to tell The Sales Experiment story on a simple 1 page landing page. For this we developed a range of characters that illustrated each section of the site. The illustrations not only add character to this brand but they make it memorable.
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