Tom Street

Smart One Page portfolio for Art Director, Tom Street. Lovely touch with the video of him working in his workspace while you scroll through the screenshots. This Singe Page site is actually built from scratch with Wix using a blank template – a great reference to what’s possible there.

I needed a site that reflects who I am as a designer...clean, simple yet considered and effective. I wanted to show off the broad amount of skills I have but not necessarily give away my full portfolio. A lot of what I do is heavily corporate and tends to be working with big international companies who have to stick to strict brand guidelines. As you can imagine the rights to works like those are very hard to gain and I find it a great shame not being able to share what I create. I think this is were my site may help... I wanted to show more of the 'fun' aspects of what I can do, in hope that I will attract more of the people I want to collaborate with. I see my site as a stepping stone which will soon be updated with design blog and full CV. Any questions or enquires feel free to get in touch, I would love to meet you!
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