Long-scrolling Landing Page for Udeany – a startup to help get student loans out of default. Cheers for the build notes Frank, really interesting to read about the design direction. The Landing Page was built using WordPress and the Elementor Page Builder.

Udeany (a play on the last name of the famous escape artist Harry Houdini) seeks to simplify that whole process of getting free of defaulted loans. When you are in default, it is like you are trapped in a maze of bureaucracy, getting through it required a skilled expert to help you escape properly. Thatโ€™s the story behind using a One Page site... simplicity. The illustrations... simplicity. The color palette... simplicity and a bit of a nod to Roy Lichtensteinโ€™s art. Blue stands for Udeany, red for user action, yellow for help or reward.
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