Van Peursem CPA

Clean responsive One Pager for tax and accounting service Van Peursem CPA. Great to see more One Pagers in this industry, it has all the relevant info you need and has arranged the fair amount of content well. Thanks for the good build notes…

Van Peursem CPA is a small, passionate team that provides tax and accounting services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. VP approached Eden to create the new start upโ€™s identity and website that would not only have top-class aesthetics, but have exceptional functionality and simplicity. For the web presence, we decided to design a one page website that was content-rich and highlighted the companyโ€™s services, philosophy, and staff bios. To bring visual elements to life, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery were utilized to deliver a site with the latest web technologies. The services sections are switched by applying a class with CSS3 transitions for animation. This Wordpress driven site allows the user, with little or no programming knowledge, to add, edit, or delete content with a few clicks. As always, we ensure the UX was withheld on all mobile devices by making the site responsive.
Categories Finance Service
Typefaces Nunito
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