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Windows Of The World

‘Windows Of the World’ is an interactive One Pager highlighting the cost and cultural differences between 11 famous cities. The horizontal scrolling One Pager is filled with colorful home interior illustrations with a nice touch of clicking the window to view outside with Google Street View. I can personally say South Africa is so diverse it’s impossible to summarise like their example. A difficult task but they’ve done a great job and made it fun as well with interesting stats. Make sure you check out the other impressive One Pagers by Impression. Cheers for the solid build notes below!

Woodyatt Blinds approached Impression looking to collaborate on the creation of a digital creative content piece. The piece was primarily built to share on social channels and to further engage with their existing client base.

For the statistics tab on Windows Of The World we used Numbeo.com to source the living costs and other metrics you can see on the infographic. Numbeo.com is an updated source of geological data across the world and using this feature added an educational feel to the resource.

We designed each room around the culture associated with each city to demonstrate the cultural difference between each country within interior design. This unique idea of showing inside homes of different origins brings people closer together because we can relate to the diverse society we live in. We decided to stick to a minimal design because it felt like it fits in with the genre of interior design; the layout boasts a contemporary feel with interactive and educational features.

The Windows Of The World creative piece utilised a Javascript based plugin that allowed us to pull in our own bespokely designed map SVG’s and designate coordinate points around the map creating the effect of marker points which linked through to the individual ‘rooms’. This gave us a vast amount of functionality and customisation options, meaning we could style the map and tailor it specifically to our needs.
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