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Landing Page Design Tips
Landing Page Design Tips 🖌
These 10 tips form the most common feedback I give users wanting to improve their Landing Page design.

Yay Brigade’s Favorite Albums

Really impressive One Pager by Yay Brigade curating their top albums of 2017. On first load the site stacks 10 tracks in vinyl shapes, each interactive and autoplays the songs. Lovely touch with the progress bar on the left side and also the list or stacked view switcher 💃 Cheers for the build notes!

The Favorite Albums site for 2017 is a continuation of last year’s exploration (and, in fact, of our long term interest in putting together year-end lists of music). Last year’s site started with an exploration of overlapping, rotating spheres which contain the album cover art. It was designed entirely in-browser, so the design and functionality slowly grew out of the experimentation. This year, we added an option for another view: users can toggle between a ‘nested’ view and a ‘stacked’ view of the records. Also new is the ability to hear a small sounds sample when hovering over an album. We used howler.js for dealing with sound, which worked out quite nicely.
Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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