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  • Reviewed: January 16, 2014
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Learn how to build interactive storytelling One Pagers with the excellent SkrollMagic Workshop.
One Page Website Review

21 Premium, One Page HTML5 Templates for only $19

I'm not the biggest bundle deal fan but this new one on Mighty Deals is quite relevant and beneficial to you one page lovers. I'll be honest and say some of these templates are very average but there are some decent ones in here - for $19 that is a 97% saving. The bundle is definitely worth grabbing for that "family member website" or friend you owe a site as a favor:)
Today's online audience has a ridiculously short attention span. That's not a knock, just a fact. So you need to catch them quick, as well as hold onto their attention. If your website's confusing, boring and real slow to load from page to page, you're most likely leaving half your audience on the table. What you need is a revolutionary redesign.

This Mighty Deal from Flashmint offers you a fantastic solution. Actually, it offers 21 solutions. That's right, this deal includes 21 premium, high-quality Website templates, all sporting some of today's hottest online trends. Fast-loading, simple navigation and fully responsive, these templates aren't just fast, they're a snap to use. Let your content truly stand out and allow your users to hang around long enough to enjoy it! That's what this beefy bundle's all about. And if you still need a little incentive, how does 97% off the regular price sound?
Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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