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Landing Page Design Tips 🖌
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3 years Manuela & Michael

Light-hearted One Pager that animates as you scroll celebrating the 3 year wedding of Manuela & Michael – congrats!

I had the idea for this site for quite a while - and when our 3 years anniversary came up it was clear to me, that it had to be something very special. So I started searching for a designer and created a prototype. When the final illustrations arrived the prototype was already responsive and working on all devices, i.e. an iPhone or iPad. Adding the illustrations was very easy after that - the prototype was build in a way I can adjust the animations, make them faster or slower, and add new illustrations very easily. My wife loved the animated and illustrated website and we also have a printed and framed version of the lovely illustrations in our apartment.
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Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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