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  • Reviewed: June 13, 2016 by Rob Hope
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Happy One Pager with good imagery acting as a private invite to the wedding of Becky & Richard. Pretty cool how each guest was given a secret code beforehand – this correlates with a database pulling their details for the RSVP. Remember to use the global code 04092016 to access it now. Little shout out to this ‘Alex Brush’ heading font – works great for a Wedding themed site.

I designed and developed this site based on our personality; simple. My vision was to keep the site clean and minimal, and give our guests access to all wedding related information. The content was also personalized based on the guest's Secret Code that dynamically pulled their details through a database platform that I built. The back-end platform which collected guests information gave Becky and I real time response updates. The beautiful engagement photos was taken by our talented photographer, Derek Hui.

The site was built from ground up with HTML, CSS3, Jquery and lots of love.
Categories: Wedding
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