Amanda Conti

One Pager promoting the multi-talented performer, Amanda Conti, from Australia. It’s unfortunate that there is a “rotate me” notice on mobile and I’d love to see a replacement for the Verdana font but they’ve done a great job capturing her personal flare in the site design – which I’m sure the client loves. Nice touch with the twirling effect as you scroll down promoting her aerial performance skills. Thank you for the detailed build notes below.

Amanda Conti is a sought after multi-talented performer, who started her career as a professional dancer before embarking on a journey through the world of circus. She then merged the two art forms together revealing the awe-inspiring, magical quality of Aerial Dance. Amanda gave us creative license to create a website that would stand out above any other performer and entertainer. We recognised that people weren't familiar with what an aerialist performer does, so we wanted to make her site come alive, by not just telling - but by showing. A typical site would have posted photos in a gallery.. we instead took Amanda's one step further with a full top-to-bottom twirling animation that responds as the page scrolls. Although Amanda primarily wanted a desktop experience, the centrepiece of the site did present some challenges in its function across platforms and devices, but we met those with a solution that showcases Amanda's unique style to all. We also added the bonus of an overlay to encourage users to view the site in landscape format for mobile devices to still experience the full site.
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