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Amari One Page HTML Template

‘Amari’ is a clean One Page portfolio template that seamlessly integrates with your Behance account. Simply add your credentials and your latest project titles and images are imported – each linking back to the full project on Behance. The HTML template features a lovely subtly load transition, clear introduction paragraph, PDF resume link, project grid, social icons and a solid responsive design.

Kill two birds with one stone by bringing Behance to your website. No longer do you have to update your website portfolio and your Behance. Now your Behance feed can come straight to your site acting as a CMS to manage your portfolio items.

Because this is a HTML template you're able to customize it to however you please while still being able to easily maintain your portfolio items. You can set up your website within one hour, all you have to do is add your Behance username and change text then you can upload it to your hosting. The documentation features easy step by step instructions on how to do it.
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Rob Hope

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