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  • Reviewed: August 22, 2014
  • Template? Yes, this is an HTML template
  • Price: $9
  • Built by: 8Guild
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One Page HTML Template Review


'Appica' is a one page template bundle consisting of three differently designed landing pages, each matching the style of popular mobile operating systems - iOS7, Android and Windows Phone. There are quite a few design elements I don't agree with but for $9 this is a really good kickstart for any application that you want to scheme to match an operating system. Another bonus is the developers 8Guild offer 24/7 support and this ThemeForest item currently has a 5 star rating. Below is the screenshot of the iOS7 version, here is the Android Version and Windows Version.
Appica is a set of three different fully responsive landing pages designed in iOS7, Android and WP styles. Thus the presentation of your app will look naturally whether it is made for iPhone, Android or WP phone. It’s layout remains perfect on any devices with any screen sizes. More than that Appica has such trendy features as background parallax effect, slide out menu, flat one page design, etc. It’s based on Bootstrap 3.0 and is highly customizable.
Rob Hope

This One Page HTML Template was reviewed by Rob Hope

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