One Pager hosting an Instagram Feed by Elisa Nunes where she takes pictures of plants that grow within a resisting city environment. Couple interesting/unique elements but make sure you read the build notes with insight behind them. Also lacks a clear description of what the website is actually about but really like the concept behind it. More of these positive vibes please Internet and thanks for the inspiration Elisa.

The idea was to create a cheerful webpage that shows my Instagram pics of green resistances. I take pictures of plants that grow in city environments. It's a way of looking at the bright side of things - instead of paying attention to the numerous trees that are cut off or in bad shape because of all the concrete.

Nature still resists, even when we try to erase it.

So what the developer tried to do was to built a cheerful website! But, when we click on the Manifest, it all gets dark, because it is a serious subject to talk about, so we should read it carefully. Also, the little balls coming up and down all the page is like a flower pollen spreading its 'seeds' all over the world :)
Categories Experimental
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