Real unique One Pager featuring an interactive Ouija board that "summons the spirit of Beyonce". Thanks so much for the detailed build notes, really helpful for the community inspecting this type of unique site.

All of the animation in the site is created with the Greensock animation library. For many effects, I layer HTML5 video, gifs, and coded animation to create the spooky atmosphere. All questions are fuzzy matched to specified questions in our backend. When a fuzzy match is found, an answer is selected. If there is no match, the answer is random. All the answers are Beyonce's lyrics and mottos. The sharing mechanism, creates a unique download, Facebook share, and Twitter cards assets with your unique answerโ€“ which are all dynamically created through a canvas element, which allows huge flexibility when adding answer to our site.
Categories Experimental
Typefaces GT Walsheim
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