Brandon Gore

Responsive Personal One Pager for multidisciplinary craftsman ‘Brandon Gore’ featuring a lovely subtle fade in from black and a masonry-style image gallery.

Responsive, simple, elegant site promoting Brandon Gore, a modern craftsman. We implemented a subtle fade-in effect on the background image and intro text. The background image is fixed and content elegantly overlayed, giving an extra layer of depth. The thumbnails of the masonry-style gallery tile in upon scroll. Craft in the U.S. nearly disappeared after the Industrial Revolution, but Brandon Gore wants to change that. Since learning from his grandfather that you could fix or build anything with your own two hands, Brandon has made it his mission to bring back classic American craftsmanship. In 2004, Brandon started Gore Design Co. and set his sights on creating the finest handcrafted concrete sinks and countertops in the world. Since then, he has invested more than 35,000 hours in becoming a master of high-end concrete. His passion has led to the creation of Hard Goods, the launch of Conservatory of Craft, several industry awards, and his TV debut as a judge on Spike TVโ€™s Framework. Brandon is still happiest when heโ€™s making things.
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