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Responsive One Pager for the ‘Colordrop’ app – a real life color picker with the use of your iPhone.

Colordrop is an app for designers to explore colours, and the Colordrop website is designed with colour in mind. We used vibrant and bright colours such as Bright Green and Pink, with a backdrop of light grey. This creates a stark contrast and draws the attention of the viewer.

The images used were picked to showcase the best features of the app. Large, high-res images clearly show the design of the app, and fill the webpage. Small descriptions of each image help give context to the reader.

Quotes are shown throughout the page, and help divide the content in to clear and succinct sections.

While the page is minimal in design, and uses very little technology, it reflects the simple design of the app, and we think this is something our users will appreciate and love.
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