How to create a One Page website with SiteOrigin’s Page Builder and WordPress

Published by @RobHope in Tutorials on 30 Mar 2016

This weeks RSS and website sponsor is the excellent free WordPress Page Builder plugin by WordPress theme giants, SiteOrigin.

They’re going to show us exactly how to create a long scrolling One Page website using their free Page Builder plugin.

First question I always ask myself before committing to a new WordPress company, theme or plugin:

How many other sites are actively using this new product?

You’ll be pleased to know over 800 000 websites use and trust the powerful Page Builder plugin by SiteOrigin.


Firstly, you need WordPress setup on your own hosting (see recommendations). Then you need to download and install the free WordPress Page Builder plugin.

The plugin works with the any WordPress theme, including the default theme that comes with WordPress. For this example they use the free North WordPress theme which produces a better looking website than the default theme.

Excellent Video Instructions

SiteOrigin’s Ian Rossiter will take us through a setup-by-step overview. Here’s a few words by them on the video:

One Page websites are incredibly popular right now โ€“ and for good reason. Not only can they be easier to conceptualise and create, but they can also give better results. Higher conversion rates, increased sales and a more focused design.

In version 2.3 of Page Builder, weโ€™ve given you the ability to specify custom row IDs for your Page Builder rows. This feature makes it easier than ever to create One Page sites using any WordPress theme.

In this guide, weโ€™ll show you how to build a One Page site using North and Page Builder. Both are free and incredibly powerful.

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