Creative Promises

Slick One Pager promoting a set of 3D printed rings part of the ‘Creative Promises’ collection. The ring comes to life as you scroll with the use of the magic Skrollr.js plugin. Really like how the rings actually overlap in the presentation on the mobile adaption.

Crafted with the finest 3D printing technology, these rings are sure to catch the eye of the resident creative technologist. And these statement pieces are sure to fan the creative embers of any fledgling creative pairing. Available in a variety of materials to suit different career stages. Sold in pairs.

Creative Promises is a part of the James H. Goldberg Deskwear Collection. We are a loosely bound but tightly-held collective of advertising creatives. The creative promises rings were designed and brought to life by Declan Byrnes-Enoch and Michael Kleinman. Creative consultation provided by Ed James.
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