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  • Built by: Thomas Vaeth
  • Template? No, this is a custom built website
  • Reviewed: December 16, 2017 by Rob Hope
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Clean One Pager for CryptoLogg – an online resource that only shows the price change of cryptocurrencies since the last time you visited the site. Cheers for the build notes Thomas!

I started looking at my portfolio several times a day when China banned ICOs in September and Bitcoin dropped 25% in a day. I wanted to build something that prevented me from checking so often. CryptoLogg does that. It only shows the price change from the last time I checked, whether it is reloading the page or coming back to the open tab. It really does not mean anything to me now since the numbers do not show the full value. CryptoLogg also shows the last time you checked the values and a quote about how you just need to HODL.

The build was using React, Sass, Webpack. Everything is saved in the browser's localStoarge and you never have to share any information about yourself or your portfolio. CryptoLogg currently only displays 6 cryptocurrencies, but I plan to allows users to add/remove the coins they care about in a future version. Typography: Circular
Categories: Finance
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Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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