Daniela Andrade – Shore EP

Beautiful subtle movement background videos in this One Pager promoting the new “Shore” EP by artist, Daniela Andrade. Cheers for the detailed build notes!

The best way to experience the Daniela Andradeโ€”Shore EP One Pager is to go directly on the website. There, you will be able to see endless loops created to represent each of the four music video associated with the songs of the singerโ€™s new EP. Our studio was tasked to provide creative direction for a short film that would be divided into four music videos, each with their own visual style, albums cover, banner, etc.

The biggest challenge we had creating the website was to make it as fluid as possible while having loops embedded from Vimeo. We didnโ€™t want it to become too heavy for the internet connections but also not too visually dense. We used the Squarespace developer mode to be able to have an easy-to-use CMS for the client as well as a stable platform for the back-and-forth we were having with the developer.

Also, a โ€œBiographyโ€ and โ€œCreditโ€ section can also be found on the website (in the top menu and at the bottom of the site). We wanted both sections to be minimal, typography only to retain the sophisticated look we created throughout the experience.

There was a lot of fine-tuning behind this One Pager, we hope you like it!
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