Decade in Design

Special One Pager by Elegant Seagulls celebrating ten successful years in business. The long scrolling Singe Page website has good focus on the team behind all their great work including bios and thank you notes from each. Features include big typography, company timeline (with lovely responsive adaption), client milestones and a nice little Dribbble infographic section. Awesome to see it’s built on WordPress too!

We created this site to commemorate our ten year anniversary. Having grown from a one-man operation, Elegant Seagulls continues to expand in a quest for "world domination". Elegant Seagulls first emerged in the form of a snowboarding film and supporting branding for owner / creative director Ben Johnson's senior thesis project. When looking to name his design agency the oxymoron, Elegant Seagulls, was the easy choice. This site was built using technologies such as WordPress, Gulp, Beanstalk, Tower, Canvas, SVG animations, and HTML5 Video.
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