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  • Reviewed: October 29, 2013
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Incredible concept in this one pager for #direnduvar - an interactive "Wall of Resistance" of Turkey where the replayable content is created by the visitors. What really makes this site special is that each user submitted section is shareable via a unique link that actually replays their exactly drawing on the wall. Top job by digital agency Undream.
#direnduvar is an interactive social media project, focusing to bring more attention to political events in Turkey. #direnduvar is created during the “GeziPark” events (#direngezi, #occupyturkey, #direnturkiye). Within less than a few hours, it became viral on social media; got thousands of wall writings; tweeted and shared by many. #direnduvar’s content is created by the visitors of the project. In other words, #direnduvar is a living wall of self expression.
Rob Hope

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