Dona Rita

Lovely, minimal One Pager promoting the “Brazilian Cheese Bread” by Dona Rita. A good reference to how less-is-more with only 4 quality (well selected) images used in the whole site.

This website was featured in our ๐Ÿ”ฅ 100 Landing Page Hot Tips.

Rita is already renowned for her Pao de Queijo with her family and friends. And none more so than with Clara, her son Pedroโ€™s girlfriend. Allergic to gluten, Pao de Queijo has quickly become a staple in Claraโ€™s diet, and she continues to be in awe of the tasty and fluffy gluten-free snacks. A truly family enthused adventure, Ritaโ€™s dream is for Londonerโ€™s to try her delicious Brazilian bites, and with the help of Clara and Pedro, to share them with everyone in town.
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