Drake Evans

Long scrolling One Pager for Art Director Drake Evans featuring snippets of his work that simply link out to Behance. Awesome to hear the move to One Page and the immediate client interest.

While in college I decided to self-teach HTML and CSS in order to build my own website from scratch. This build is focused on CLEAN code in order to make future edits as quick and simple as possible without going through a bloated CMS.

I find portfolio sites to be over-indulgent when it comes to content. I prefer to let the work speak for itself. I previously had a multi page website like most online portfolios, but found I was getting more interaction from clients and peers on the social networking "portfolio" sites. Instead of hosting the projects on my own website, I focused on linking to all of the essential information anyone would need about me (LinkedIn, Dribbble, Twitter, etc.) and using links to Behance projects to host my work. This allowed users to appreciate (behance's version of liking) my work, as well as comment on it directly. In just one day of having the new site up I've already received three emails asking for quotes from brand new clients.
Categories Portfolio
Typefaces Roboto Mono
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