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Date featured: March 11, 2013
Template? Yes, this is a WordPress theme
Price: $19
Built by: Unknown
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DW Page

A solid one page responsive WordPress template by DesignWall that is only free until the end of the week, grab it while it's hot!
Good news for those who have been looking for a great looking design, simple to setup, and straight forward website, DW Page is your perfect fit. It’s an all-in-one solution powered by Bootstrap & LESS, comes with beautiful responsive design and built-in features that immediately make it stand out from the rest. DW Page keeps your contents only in one page using sliders, infinite scrolling, popups and combination with other content presentation methods.
  • Haroon Abbasi

    awesome :)

  • Kristi Sparks

    Thank you!

  • Amy Kotas

    This looks great! Thank you!

  • Gio

    It’s not free, they charge $19 for this.

    • Rob Hope

      Hi Gio. That special was until the end of last week (mentioned in the review above screenshot) – I’ll replace the free label on the thumbnail and replace with $19 soon. Thanks for the comment.

  • Jackie Lord

    Thanks for listing our theme @robdelete:disqus


    • Rob Hope

      Pleasure Jackie, hope it cracks some sales:)

  • Kevin

    Couldn’t install this! Says it’s missing the style.css stylesheet.

    • Rob Hope

      Hi @disqus_jDQQe4ve2a:disqus – please contact the theme support team as we just reviewed the theme and did not develop it:) Rob

    • Sally

      usually it’s that you uploaded the wrong zip file

  • Sally

    They raised the price to $29 ..