Esch โ€ข Bongermino

Long-scrolling One Pager for psychotherapy studio, Esch – Bongermino. That’s a neat touch how the centered intro logo transitions into the sticky header navigation as you scroll. Cheers for the build notes Federico!

The tailored website has been developed to be fully responsive, paying special attention to every detail, as icons and vertical floating elements. Brand logo, vectorial icons and all you find on it, are custom-made. The concept of the color palette is chosen to give a comfortable and relaxing feeling. Other awesome features as the logo appearing on scroll, background changing color on scroll and many others are included to give a fully user centered experience you would surely love.
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Mubs and I rap about football, MVPs and side-projects.
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PH Maker of the Year Mubs is the latest Yo! Podcast guest.