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  • Reviewed: June 19, 2017
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Faygo – Call It Pop

Fun marketing idea by Faygo using a One Page website to promote and gather people's pledges to call carbonated beverages "Pop".
There are many names for carbonated beverages, but for Faygo, a 110-year-old Detroit-based brand, there has only ever been one – pop. Leveraging an already existing argument around pop versus soda, TMV set out to help Faygo own the conversation by finding those who call it soda or soft drink, and convincing them to take a pledge to call Faygo pop. CallItPop.com serves as the home for all #callitpop content. The site features man-on-the-street videos of real people, from cities such as Boston and Los Angeles, taking the pledge. Fans can take the pledge themselves on the site, and watch in real-time as more and more people become a part of the Call It Pop movement, spreading the Faygo message to the masses.
Categories: Landing Page Product
Rob Hope

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